Review of Kilz 2 Latex Paint

Recently a tenant in the duplex I own moved out without notice. After I inspected the property, I was shocked to find how horrible of a condition the once newly built duplex had become. The carpets needed cleaning, the appliances were filthy, and the walls were disgusting. At first, I tried to clean the walls with a rag and some cleaner, but that had no effect. I used magic erase sponges, bleach and other cleaning agents but to no avail. Nothing seemed to work. I was very disappointed with all this and I knew the entire home had to be repainted. I still had some leftover paint from when I first painted the newly built duplex. I touched up a few spots and found that this was not working either. I needed something stronger and thicker than was cheap and provided good coverage. That’s when I found Kilz 2 latex Painting Kits that are quite effective and efficient. You can read more about the benefits here in this article along with its review. 

The Kilz 2 latex paint was just what I needed. I had worked with other Kilz products before and I knew of its power to cover up water stains and dirt. It was difficult to work with due to its oil-based product. It was hard to clean up because it required the use of paint solvents to clean the brushes and rollers. It had a foul mind-numbing odor that made you a little sick to your stomach and made your head spin. This product was the original Kilz, so I was hesitant to use it again. As I looked along the aisles at my local home improvement center, I found a new Kilz product, Kilz 2 latex paint.

Kilz 2 latex paint is a great product. Its latex based so it covers very well and rolls gently from a roller pan onto the walls with ease. Because it is water-based, it cleans up very easily. I simply had to wash it off with the hose and scrub the brushes a little with a wire brush. The best thing I liked about the Kilz 2 latex paint was that it had very little odor. It didn’t smell at all like the other Kilz products. It had a faint smell that was easily removed with good ventilation and a small fan. It also didn’t give me a headache.

It worked quite well on the walls and covered up nearly every stain with one coat. I had an issue with the previous tenant who had spilled red-dyed drinks on the wall. It did take several coats to cover up the red coloring with the Kilz 2 latex paint. I also had a water stain on the trim that took about five coats to completely cover up the stain. It didn’t work as good as the original Kilz, but it sure beat the smell.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Kilz 2 latex paint product and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to cover up stains or spills on drywall or wood. The best part was that it didn’t cost a fortune to repaint the entire apartment. I was easily within budget and I saved a great deal of time doing it myself. While the original Kilz product isn’t for every project, it still is good for severe water damage. The Kilz 2 latex paint worked perfectly for my project and is bound to be great for any kind of light to medium stains that need to be covered.