HOUSE II – Horror Flick Movie Review

In this sequel to HOUSE, a fun horror flick, HOUSE II takes us back to the house where Jessie’s parents were killed when he was but an infant leaving him 25 years later wanting answers as to what happened that night so long ago when as an infant he was spirited away leaving his parents to be killed in this very same house. An amazing horror movie that you can enjoy as you click on 123 movies. There are various other horror movies on this website as well so you choose whatever movies seem interesting to you. 

With Jessie played by Arye Gross is his friend and oftentimes, goofy companion, Charlie, played by Jonathan Stark and their two girlfriends. Within the confines of the movie, we are introduced to not only Jessie’s’ great, great grandfather played by Royal Dano, whom Jessie and Charlie literally “dig up” but to a baby pterodactyl.

Add to the mix, a wonderfully Aztec theme mansion, a token sacrificial virgin from Ancient Mexico, a loveable creature that is half caterpillar and half irresistible puppy, assorted Aztec high priests. a stone age caveman, and of course, Gramps’ villainous old gun-slinging rival Slim portrayed with murderous intent by Dean Cleverdon, this movie moves quickly and is not only entertaining in its surprising moments but amusing as well.

And not to be left out is John Ratzenberger, who makes a brief appearance as Bill Towner, a repairman who is a part electrician and part adventurer. His deadpan antics draw laughter and amusement from the most serious of moments and he is by far one of the best parts of this movie. With a crystal skull, Aztecs bent on retrieving said skull and returning it to its a rightful place and Slim equally set on exacting revenge, this is a movie that is one that will entertain all ages, from 10 -99 and all ages in between.

Filmed in the 1980s, HOUSE II with a flair only the ‘80s can impart, this is a fun movie that will quickly become one of those movies watched time and time again. In fact, as one repeatedly watches this movie, bits oftentimes appear that were missed previously, making it as entertaining the 5th time through as the first. The 80’s flavor adds to this movie as nothing else can, offering many “I remember that” moments within.

Simply said, this is a great Halloween movie for the whole family. It has enough thrills and chills and sudden freaky moments for the adventure-loving teen in your home but yet the effects are easy-going enough not to frighten the younger view either. I would highly recommend this movie as one to watch this Halloween season for a great change of pace from slasher movies and ‘nightmare makers’.

Check it out today at your local video store or purchase it online at starting at just under $14.00. Either way, you’re looking at a night of fun and spooky entertainment, perfect for the holiday ahead! Enjoy!