A Simple Guide To Dota 2 Calibration

A lot of players get confused with DoTa 2 calibration; if you take the time to search for the topic then you would notice that there are actually plenty of discussions to go around. Players want to know the best and easiest way to earn a high calibrating MMR. The game’s website has a few posts here and there, but the said posts are either never updated or give only introduction and hints. To know just a little bit more of how DoTa 2 Calibration works, read on ahead.

DoTa 2 Calibration MMR

So basically, any player that accomplishes 10 calibrating DoTa 2 matches will be able to see their MMR on their profile; any less matches won’t allow them a sneak peek. Take note that MMR is also referred to as calibration MMR.

Also, for those who are wondering about KDA or Kill-Death-Assists ratio, you can calculate it by dividing your Kill and Death assists by Deaths. Keep in mind that KDA will only be factored when we talk about calibrating MMR or even starting MMR. In case a player’s MMR has already been calibrated, KDA will no longer have any weight in the calibration MMR. Earning DoTa 2 MMR points will depend whether the player wins or loses.


Factors in Calibration MMR

As for official statements from DoTa 2 administrators or the website itself, they have given no hints as to how that DoTa 2 MMR is calculated. But thanks to the input of a lot of players over time, they finally decided that the following factors greatly contribute to your calibration MMR. Keep in mind that the factors differ in weight when computing points.

  1. Healing
  2. Match length
  3. Wards placed
  4. KDA
  5. Last hits or denies
  6. Damage to enemy towers
  7. Damage to enemy heroes
  8. Neutral staking
  9. Courier purchase or upgrade
  10. Clicks per minute

Although all the mentioned factors do contribute o your overall calibration MMR, KDA bears the greatest weight.


Factors NOT Considered in Calibration MMR

All the factors below bear no weight in your Calibration MMR, don’t believe other players when they say otherwise. The main reason why they are not taken into account is because they have no impact whatsoever in your game play.

  1. Cosmetic Items
  2. Steam Level
  3. DoTa 2 Level
  4. In-game items
  5. Compendium Level
  6. Total hours players spent playing DoTa 2

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