Knowing The History Of E-Books

For sure, you have already heard about e-books. Do you have any idea what they are? Well, e-books are actually book publications that are made available in electronic forms. They contain images and texts for you to see and read. Meaning to say, they are just like regular books that you can find in libraries and book stores. Aside from that, do you know some more information regarding ebooks? If you don’t, then view link in order to know more about them.

The idea of making e-books started way back in the year 1930. It all started with the idea of Bob Brown. But for you to know, it is not certain who was the brilliant inventor of e-books. Until these days, people are still arguing who was the very first one who created ebooks. However, there are several candidates being recognized such as:

Angela Ruiz Robles

Angela Ruiz Robles used to be a teacher who lived in Spain. She was the very first person who created an ebook in her own country way back in the year 1949. She called this ebook as La EnciclopediaMecanica, or in layman’s term, Mechanical Encyclopedia.

Michael S. Hart

There are a lot of publications in the world that said that Michael S. Hart was the inventor of ebooks. But as what being said, there are still no clear proofs about it. It was way back in the year 1971 when he created his very first digital document in the University of Illinois.

Roberto Busa

Starting in the year 1949, Robert Busa created his very first ebook and it all finished way back in the year 1979. His ebook creation was known as the Index Thomisticus. This e-book actually contains the heavily annotated index of the works of the great Italian Dominican friar, Saint Thomas Aquinas.