Computer Security: A Hectic Task

The world of information technology is the most complex of all and can be understood only by the experts in this field. Computers are seen as tools for fun that are enjoyed by kids but are also excellent gadgets for tech savvy people to analyze and experiment with new skills.

There are numerous aspects when it comes to computer software and its broader reach has established it to be the growing industry of the coming decade, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

When Charles Babbage, universally regarded as the father of computer, launched this revolutionary gadget into the world he would have had no idea where this would take him or that his name has gone down in history.

Hackers On the Lose

Social media has become a prevalent medium all over the world and is ruling the roost since the past decade and is going from strength to strength with each passing day. However, it has also provided a platform for hackers to play their dirty tricks in order to earn some quick bucks.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep your computers safe from them and given below are some important points on how to do it in a foolproof manner:

  1. Install anti-virus software as soon as possible to make your system immune from external penetration
  2. Get a firewall software to create a shield between the stored data and the outside world
  3. Always have complex passwords that are not easy to decipher for anyone
  4. Keep all the applications up to date at regular intervals so that hackers never get the chance to play their cards and the windows process library is safe
  5. Never answer spam calls or emails that have links attached to them
  6. Get a brand new router to keep your network secure