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Creative Dressing for the Bridal Party with tips! Read to know

Friends and family want to bein your bridal party, but many back out because cannot afford the outfits causing misunderstandings and bad feelings on each side. You can avoid …

Friends and family want to bein your bridal party, but many back out because cannot afford the outfits causing misunderstandings and bad feelings on each side. You can avoid this problem by dressing your bridal party creatively with minimal expense.

Choose items they will want to wear again.

I once went to a wedding where all of the women were wearing matching sundresses and sandals and the guys were wearing linen beach clothes and matching thong sandals and dancing together on wedding dj lancaster pa music. It was on a beach, of course, but I have seen many of the people in that bridal party wear that same outfit again and again.

Groomsmen: Instead of tuxedos, use business suits for guys, or for a causal wedding, have all the men wear the same Dockers. These are sure to be used again.

Bridesmaids: Take your bridal party to Macy’s or another large department store and have everyone purchase a dress that is in season. It could be a sundress, a business suit, or a dress for the evening out. Get something trendy; as long as it is in season, they will be sure to love it.

Have your bridal party dress from their own closets.

Do not make them purchase every item. By wearing items like his or her own shoes, for instance (just chose a basic color), everyone will be sure to be much more comfortable.

Groomsmen: Ask each guy to wear their best black suit, or a simple uniform like gray pants, and long sleeved white shirt.

Bridesmaids: Have each girl wear her own little black dress or black formal gown and pearl accessories.

Have your bridal party purchase one matching piece, or better yet, give it as a gift.

Groomsmen: Once the guys have on their matching outfits either from the department store or from their own closets, you can make them further coordinate by giving out matching ties and handkerchiefs. If they are wearing slacks and shirts, you can have them purchase identical sports coats.

Bridesmaids: With each girl in her individual but matching outfit, you can require identical shawls, and handbags to bring the look together. Have the men’s ties and the ladies shawls made out of the same fabric. Imagine each of your girl friends in the navy satin dress in styles that suit them best and all of the groomsmen in their best Navy suits all with ties or shawls made of the same fabric. Just be sure to choose something that will really stand out like bold stripes, or a nice paisley.

When close enough will not do.

For very traditional weddings, you may want your wedding party to be identical. In that case, just make sure you pick items they will definitely want to use again.

Groomsmen: When they must absolutely, positively wear matching tuxedos, consider buying over renting. If you go to a men’s suit warehouse, you will be surprised to find that purchase prices are comparable to rental prices. If you are going to make them pay for tuxedos, the least you can do is let them keep it.

Bridesmaids : If you do not trust your bridal party to purchase their own dresses or choose from their own closets, then take advantage of mix and match collections available at bridal stores. It allows you to dress each person in the exact color and fabric of your choosing while having them select the style that best suit their body. Moreover, if you choose separates, like skirts and tops or Jackets, even if identical, they will be more likely to re-wear at least part of the outfit.