Be at Home at the Hundred Palms Residences

For the busy citizens of Yio Chu Kang, Singapore, Hundred Palms is the top-level and affordable residence. The new building will be launching sometime soon in June 2017 or a little ahead. The residence building is supposed to be developed in the middle of the Yio Chu Kang district.

The building will be having flats and apartments at the best prices for everyone to afford it. The building will have future residents in the area too and will be surrounded by amenities that will be within the walking distance. Due to this facility, the Hundred Palms Residences proves to be a uniquely existing apartments building that can be afforded by everyone.

The residence building is located along 92 St Hougang, Avenue 9 that leads one right into the Yio Chu Kang road. It is a dreamland that will have over 100 residences for people at cost effective prices. The floor area is estimated to be 51,584 square miles. Hundred Palms Residences is one of the new ECs built by Hoi Hup located in District 19.

70% of the total building will have different apartments. A condo will have 3 bedrooms at least. More can be added with the choice of 4 or 5 bedrooms. The best thing about this is that it has the Rosyth School which is quite famous for its education. Apart from this, the building provides other facilities like transportation, educational and other recreational facilities to the residents. This serves as an ample convenience for people who have got children or are big families. Play area for children, tennis court, indoor gym, BBQ place, lap pool and party area for families is also available.

The plaza is a great place to get rid of boredom. You will get amazing views from the apartments. Enjoy choosing your residential unit and benefit from the prestigious housing.

How To Sell A House?

Are you moving to a new house and are in desperate need to sell your old house? Do you properly want to get aware of all the steps involved in selling a house before you actually go about it? Well this is your spot because we are going to tell you how to sell your house in Colorado fast while getting the best possible price for it. Just keep on reading if you want to know how to sell a house Colorado style.


First step is to find a good real estate agent. You can either go for a solo agent or else you can also find an agency which will provide you with an agent. Finding a good agent is very important as he is going to be doing all the marketing analysis work for a fixed commission.

The next step is listing your property and you can list it in two ways. One way is list it on a multiple listing agency where the commission is divided between your agent and the buyer’s agent and the agents just work as a medium or else you can hold complete rights to your house and sell it yourself by hiring an agent for a salary.

The Colorado Real Estate commission states that you are supposed to list all the faults of the house to the buyer, so you will need to hire a house inspector and get it checked and then you can decide if you want to fix the faults or you can just let them be, on which case the cost is deduced from the final fee.

After this you will start getting offers and when you like an offer and accept it then you can move into negotiations which your agent will notify you about ad after that the final agreement is prepared on the will of the seller and the buyer which has to be signed by both parties for the transaction to be completed.

Some Helpful Details of the Seaside Residences Layout

People have various reasons why most people find a condo residence than other types of building structures to stay. The details of the Seaside Residences layout has been guaranteed highly efficient by the Frasers Centrepoint Homes as it gives highlight on it.

Most people have a keen attention to details and they initially check the floor plan and other related matters about it to ensure that it will never let them down. Discover how Seaside Residences impresses guests and residents by having a first glimpse of its layout.

The Generous Layout

Floor plans of this condo residence have been into ongoing stringent process of approval. The final and complete approval details will be soon available to all sources that introduce Seaside Residences.

Henceforth, the Seaside Residence layout has two major facings which are the Condo facing the Victor School and the Condo facing the East Coast park (Sea View).

For the first East Coast Park Condo facing, the site has been designed for full optimization of the frontal view of the sea. The minor concern is the rain trees that rest along the ECP expressway (East Coast Parkway) which lie between the coast line and the condo. These tress can be potential obstructions on sea view if the guests are on lower floors.

The second condo facing is on Victoria School which has approximately 6 floors excluding the roof. For those who wish for more peaceful school facing and an unblocked view, they should be staying on at least the eighth floor upwards in order to achieve enough buffer against school roof’s height.

This Seaside Residence layout is simply presented which will give emphasis on the things that will make the guests and residents feel more comfortable. As the management and developers continue polish the layout, then expect to come up with better results.

Things To Note Down When Viewing Artra Condo Showflat

Prior to visiting the newly launched ARTRA condo Singapore, make sure that you completely know if you can afford it. Take note that your ability to purchase will never be limited by other factors such as your income.

On the other hand, when you wish to check out ARTRA Condo Showflat, then you should not just take things for granted and proceed to the place whenever you want without prior knowledge of the right things to do. Bear in mind that when you do things in a well-informed manner, you are sure to get the most desirable result in the end.

Now, here are other things that you should never set aside when visiting a condo showflat.

First and foremost, there are several benefits why many people choose condominium residences over other types of accommodation to stay whether for business or personal purposes. Some individuals simply want to live peacefully and stay away from the stressful noise of the outside environment. But, if you are a first timer in searching for condo properties, then you can consider viewing ARTRA condo showflat.

The showflat location provides you a clear picture of how everything goes surrounding ARTRA condo Singapore. The key is to visit the official site of ARTRA at Red Hill to gain better ideas just before seeing the condo residence itself.

The Tang’s Group was able to present the showflat location. This only means that the group has been on its way to getting the attention of more prospective buyers of such property in Red Hill. The showflat itself is the reflection of what you will have when you finally got this condo in Singapore. For sure, you are going to live more convenient in an elegant and classy condominium residence than what you expect in the first place.

Why You Need To Take A Vacation To Koh Samui

Thailand is a beautiful city to visit for a holiday and there are some amazing things this city has to offer. The Koh Samui Island happens to be one of the most beautiful islands in this city. Tourists from all over the world come to Island in order to spend beautiful holidays either with their loved ones or their friends.

Thailand has a lot to offer which is why it has become a hotspot for tourist. If you are keen on vacationing in a beautiful and exotic location on a regular basis then one of the best things that you can do is to invest in a koh samui villa. This Island is in high demand all year around and the rate of villas on rent is expensive. However when you purchase a Villa on this Island you tend to save a lot of money.

The Koh Samui Island has some of the most beautiful places that you can visit and no matter how often you come to the island you will never get bored of it. It has a beautiful beach that you can explore and there are some amazing spas and restaurants that you will crave for when you are away from the island. Another great thing about the Koh Samui Island is that since it is in high demand it is a well connected Island and you can get to the island without too much trouble. There are a number of international airports within close proximity to the island and travelling here is never a problem. At times when you are not vacationing on the island you can choose to rent out your Villa and earn money from it. Since it is always a popular destination for people to visit you will manage to recover the money that you spend on your villa in no time.

What Are Marina One Residences?

Tired of living in your same, old place? Want to live in someplace better, more functional, and appealing to the eyes? Then how about considering Marina One Residences as your new home? Marina One Residences offers topnotch condominium for yourself and your family. We provide high quality residences that are sure to make your life easy and comfortable. With Marina One Residences, you are assuring the welfare of your family. So, what are you waiting for, inquire now at Marina One Residences and find the perfect home for you.

What Are Marina One Residences?

Located on Marina Way and Straits View in Marina South, Singapore, Marina One Residences is one of the products of the mixed-use of development by Marina One. It is one of the most prestigious joint companies in the world. Marina One Residences is the residential or the housing component of Marina One, which aims to provide high-quality condominiums or condos to every family in the world. It covers almost 1.23 million square feet and is comprised of over 1,042 apartment units on two storey 34 towers. Marina One Residences is your best choice if you need something decent to stay.

Choosing a condominium at Marina One Residences

Finding a place to live and stay for good is not an easy task. As a responsible person in your family, you have to consider a lot of things in order to assure yourself that your family’s welfare is safe and protected. There are a lot of condos in Marina One Residences available, so choosing one will be a hard task. Here are following things to consider when choosing a condominium in Marina One Residences.

  • Quality
  • Size of your Family
  • Budget

These are three most common things to consider when choosing a condo. Be mindful of these three factors during the finding process.