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Decision Matrix To Evaluate Rfp For Sales Quote

If you have never had contact with a prospect yet suddenly receive a request for a quote or for a proposal, look closely at it before wasting your time. …

If you have never had contact with a prospect yet suddenly receive a request for a quote or for a proposal, look closely at it before wasting your time. This article provides points for a decision matrix to help decide whether to respond or not.

In 30 plus years in sales and marketing, I have received requests for proposal (RFPs). I have often sought. Unfortunately, by the time some agency or company has invested the time to write their RFP (also known as RFQ, request for quote), they have already decided what they want so my competitor probably helped them write it. How do you evaluate an RFP to see if it is worth investing your time to respond?

I have provided small business clients with a decision matrix that to help them evaluate RFPs, especially unexpected one. While winning an RFP usually means a big sale, you can often make more, smaller sales to prospects matching your ideal customer profile in the time you invest preparing your bid.

Whatever, in order to achieve success in business, it is essential that you get sales in the highest number possible as that will elevate you to a very high position which will inspire others to follow suit and rfp success will seem like child’s play after you get the initial RFP and customers too will feel relaxed in making investment schemes.

When to Do Quote without the Decision Matrix

There are many questions to ask yourself. The first is, “How long will it take to do the quote?” If it is a matter of a few minutes or an hour, then you might choose to do the quote without further evaluation. After all, if it is worth a lot of money, it falls under the rule of thumb, “If you don’t bid, you can’t win.”

On the other hand, if like most RFP’s I have done, it will take research, phone calls, meetings, spreadsheets, writing, and then proofing to ensure you have done everything exactly per the specifications, I recommend using a decision matrix to aid deciding whether to do it or not.

Critical Consideration

Remember this: all specs mean something. Don’t assume any spec in an RFP is fluff that you can safely ignore. Also don’t assume you can give them better performance if they cite specific performance, like memory requirements or power. Always confirm first with the writer of the specification that improvements are acceptable. Ask for it in writing as an addendum to the RFP / RFQ.

Decision Matrix

I like using a decision matrix to evaluate every relevant factor on two points:

– Importance (from 1 to 10)

– Our Relative Strength (from 0 to 5)

Base your Importance score on how important this factor has been to your business in past sales you’ve won. Then rate each point by how strong you feel your position is. Finally multiply your importance score by a relative strength on each point. Then total up the lines to get a total score.

Rank a batch of your past bids won to see what total score should be your cutoff. Remember this is a business decision. You may have strong reasons to pursue an RFP below that cutoff. Just know that your likelihood of winning is less.

Points to Use in Your Decision Matrix

– Pre-existing relationship with customer / good positioning within the account

– Ability to influence the RFP process

– Prospect matches your ideal customer profile

– Access to the key decision maker

– Access to all the decision makers or to only one

– Unique benefit or competitive advantage

– Money is committed to the project

– You know the prospects’ motivations, wants and needs

– You have had adequate notice to prepare

– You have a key ally among the decision maker

As a small business, it’s hard to resist jumping on a RFP or RFQ because it’s a potential sale. Nevertheless, my experience says unexpected requests for a quote may waste my time. Use the points above to create a decision matrix. Use your cutoff as your “Go / No Go” score. Regardless, responding is a business decision you make. Hopefully my warning signs will enable you to make better decisions – and feel confident about them.

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Can I Afford Prescription Medications if I Have No Insurance?

Health insurance and prescription drug coverage are important benefits that are not affordable for everyone. Even if a person is lucky enough to work for a company that offers …

Health insurance and prescription drug coverage are important benefits that are not affordable for everyone. Even if a person is lucky enough to work for a company that offers health insurance and prescription drug benefits, those benefits may be unaffordable and therefore unattainable. Unfortunately, millions of people live day to day without health insurance and prescription drug coverage. Many of these people find themselves in need of prescription medications for ongoing medical conditions. Without these necessary prescription drugs, they cannot maintain quality health, and quite often they cannot sustain life. People without medical insurance and prescription drug benefits often end up ignoring life-threatening medical conditions, or they are forced to cut back on other expenses such as food, clothing, entertainment, and significant household expenses. There are ways in which uninsured and under insured people can obtain the prescription drugs they require for a reduced price, or even at no cost.

Prescription Drug Samples

When a doctor or healthcare provider prescribes medication, ask if samples of that particular medication are available. Salespeople promoting prescription drugs provide samples to medical offices on a regular basis, and doctors can request samples of many popular drugs. Don’t be shy about reminding your healthcare provider that you don’t have healthcare insurance and prescription drug coverage. Many times doctors work with their patients and prescribe medications that they regularly receive as samples. Understanding and generous physicians often pass these samples along to patients without prescription drug benefits. Depending on the medication you require, even just a few sample packets can save hundreds of dollars.

Money-saving Coupons and Rebates

Medical offices sometimes receive money-saving coupons for pharmaceuticals. If your physician does not have coupons for the prescription drugs you require, ask if a salesperson can be contacted who might be willing to provide them. Salespeople are usually more than willing to provide coupons that promote prescriptions drugs for the companies they represent. You can also try contacting drug companies directly to inquire about money-saving coupons, rebates, and special offers. Many well-known companies offer special promotions and incentives for using their products.

Generic Equivalents

If your doctor or healthcare provider cannot obtain samples or coupons for the prescription drugs you require, ask if generic equivalents are available. Drugs that have been on the market for a number of years quite often have generic counterparts. These generic drugs are proven to be just as effective as name-brand equivalents, and they save consumers a considerable amount of money.

Prescription Drug Plans

There are reasonably price prescription drug plans available for those without health insurance, but don’t sign up for one of these plans without asking questions first. These plans can be very helpful for some, but nearly useless for others. Before signing up for a low-cost prescription drug plan, make sure you do your homework. Ask a company representative if the pharmacies in your area work with their plan. Also, ask if the prescription medications you require are covered under the plan. Many prescription drug plans sound good until the consumer discovers the medication they require is not covered.

Comparison Shop

Shop around for the lowest prices on prescription drugs. Surprisingly the costs of prescription drugs vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Call your local pharmacies and comparison shop. Alternately, you may want to consider buying your prescription drugs online. Shopping on the internet for a prescription can save money by eliminating the cost of vehicle operation, and most of all, shopping on the internet saves valuable time. The healthy mucosal barrier will rebuild and protect the goof immune system of the person. The digestion of the food will be excellent with a good digestive system. The charges of the supplement will be under the budget of the person.

Tree Removal Service: What You Need To Know

Trees are nature’s best gifts and it is our responsibility that we take care of them. One of the easiest steps to do so is that you hire tree …

Trees are nature’s best gifts and it is our responsibility that we take care of them. One of the easiest steps to do so is that you hire tree removal service like With their abstract dimensions and shape, it can be a little difficult to maintain the trees that grow around your house. In such case, you can just remove such trees or trim them down so that they can exist without any problem.

So what are the benefits of hiring these tree removal services besides this easy maintenance?

  1. As you hire these tree removal services you get to reduce the damage to your property that is caused due to these trees. As you hire these services you get complete protection for all this as these professionals are capable of handling all this with the utmost professionalism.
  2. Safety is another factor that you get as you hire these services, as they are well equipped and experienced you can expect a safe and efficient service from them. Moreover, because of your safety issues, it is recommended that you never try these things on your own. Since these service providers have a complete array of equipment they also clear the area after the removal of the tree.
  3. As you decide to remove a tree on your own you might invest a heck lot of time in removing that tree and even with all the effort you might not be able to achieve your goal, this is where you can hire these services to save your time and energy.
  4. Lastly, when it comes to overall cost, you will find these services extremely affordable as well. With their equipment and man-power, you get a quick, efficient, and affordable service right at your doorsteps.

These are the 4 major factors that you should keep in mind when it comes to the benefits of hiring a tree removal service.

Here is the Top Eight Essential Back to School Tech Gadgets You Have to Have

There is eight essential back to school tech gadgets you must have to make school life a lot easier. Why? Life and school is enough stress. If you can …

There is eight essential back to school tech gadgets you must have to make school life a lot easier. Why? Life and school is enough stress. If you can somehow afford to get these top eight, school and life will be like having a “school homework maid” helping you all the way. Think of all the Snooze time you will have. Trust me, make your school life as good as home, if you have a home. This is the top eight back to school tech gadgets. If you are interested in reading about the tech specification of all these gadgets along with the reason why all of them are really important then read about all then on along with various other tech developments.

Number one is the Samsung DualView TL225 camera. It has great picture quality and it easy to carry around school. You also get a 3.5-inch screen and it has an LDC on the front, so you can make a picture of who you want and if you at the same time. The cost of this camera is $349.99.

Breaking in at number two is the Skullcandy 50/50 headphones. You can jog all day with these headphones. You get that deep bass for bass lovers, and it is great with the iPhone. At a price of $49.99, these headphones are gold to your ears. You get all of that full sound and it is a great feel to your ears.

Falling in at number three is the Verbatim insight 500Gb external hard drive. When your computer crashes, you will still have everything with this external hard drive. It works well with the PC or Mac computer. The external display tells you how much space you have left and when it is off. It also has that coat pocket fit. The cost is $150.00.

Blasting in at number four on the list is the Canon Pixma MX870 Wireless Printer. It is an All-in-One Printer. It is perfect for your dorm room, and it prints great pictures too. It is Wi-Fi ready and has an Ethernet Port. Your printing, scanning, copying troubles are over with this printer at a price of $199.99.

Coming in at number five on the list is the Droid Incredible by HTC. If you hook this smartphone up with Verizon Wireless, drop calls would become a miracle. It comes with a 3.7-inch OLED touch screen and you can become a texting master with this smartphone. The cost to have the best is $299.99.

Skateboarding is at number five is the iPod/iPhone cable on a keychain. When your iPod and iPhone lose all of its power, you have clip sync USB 2.0 on the keychain. It is a charge-sync cable in your pocket. You will never have to worry about running out of power again. The price of not worrying is $199.99.

Making a power dive into number six is the Sceptre LED HDTV with built-in DVD Player. It can be used as a monitor and poise as a DVD player when you need to take a break. It has a 24-inch screen to keep your eyes right, and at a price of $399.99, I think you better be a true movie lover.

Holding up at number seven is the Barnes Noble Nook 3G + Wi-Fi. Amazon’s Kindle is no match for this. You get twice the space to download books, and it can work with the hot ePUB format. At a price of $199.99, you can put Amazon’s Kindle into depression.

Last but the best is the Kensington ComboSaver Combination Notebook Lock. This lock can give time to find your laptop if it is stolen. It has a 4-digit combination lock that can be registered online if you forget the combination. At a price of $24.99, it just might make a thief skip yours and steal an easier laptop.

Wireless Hot Spots And Internet Security In Brief! Have a Look

Wireless hot spots offer a convenient way to check e-mail, work away from your home or office, and simply stay in touch while lingering over a cup of coffee …

Wireless hot spots offer a convenient way to check e-mail, work away from your home or office, and simply stay in touch while lingering over a cup of coffee or sandwich. However, when you browse the Internet in a public setting, you are opening up your computer and your privacy to the public.

When you jump online at a wireless hot spot, you are sending information and receiving information that can often be accessed by the owners of the Internet connection. Each service provider maintains a log of all Internet activity and can uncover where it was downloaded to based on cookies that are stored in a computer system. As such, it is essential that you avoid downloading and sending personal information, such as your credit card information, when working wirelessly from a coffee shop or other hot spot.

In order to protect your safety, there are a few things you can do:

Look for the Lock

When you go to a web site, whether you’re in an Internet café or at home, make sure that you never send any private data over the Internet unless there is a lock in the browser of your Web page. This is a general rule for Internet use in general, but should be applied to wireless Internet hot spots as well.

Sit Against the Wall

While it is unlikely that someone will walk up behind you, read your computer screen, and take away personal information that could damage you, the possibility always exists. As a general measure to protect your safety and privacy when working at a wireless Internet hot spot, always make sure that you conceal your computer screen using a special screen attachment or by sitting against the wall. Concealing your computer screen from passersby is a simple measure to take in order to maintain your privacy from the public.

Read the Policy

Many Internet cafes, such as Panera Bread, require that you read and agree to a use policy for keeping the privacy of user safe whenever they visit the portal for the accessing of torguard promotional code for getting discount over the services of the website when they visit it next time.

This policy will let you know if your Internet use is being monitored and, if so, exactly how and what is being monitored. If you find any information telling you that your Internet use is being monitored and data is being recorded, then it is a wise idea to either close your computer completely, or to simply browse non-harmful sites, such as news and entertainment sites. Never access your banking or credit information!

Browsing the Internet in public is a very common thing these days, but be sure that you are on your guard if you are nervous about your personal safety. It is essential for you to be aware of your surroundings – both physically and in the virtual world of the web – whenever you open your computer or yourself up to the public. You never know what someone might happen upon and try to steal!

Medication And Diseases That Cause Gynecomastia

In order to tackle gynecomastia, it is really important that you learn about all the factors that are responsible for this problem so that you can effectively choose your …

In order to tackle gynecomastia, it is really important that you learn about all the factors that are responsible for this problem so that you can effectively choose your workout plan, pseudo gynecomastia pills, and other treatment options. In this article, we will go through some of the medical conditions that are responsible for this problem.

Malnutrition and re-feeding in order to counter malnutrition can result in hormonal imbalance in the human body. All of this can increase or decrease the production of estrogen in our bodies. In order to make sure that you do not face this issue you should take proper care of your diet and eat food items that are healthy and should be ingested for better health.

Bodily disorders are also responsible for the excessive production of estrogen in male bodies that can result in unusual growth in the chest and other body parts such as thighs and hips. It is recommended that you connect with a doctor as soon as possible if you feel any problem within your body.

The development of cancer cells is another reason why you can get hormonal disorders and other serious problems. This is why if you are having multiple health problems other than gynecomastia you can consult your doctor to find out the real reason.

Besides all this, there are several drugs that can cause hormonal disbalance in your body. Medications that are used to treat hypertension can also cause this problem. Certain skin products are also observed to induce this condition. Considering all this it is recommended that you consult your doctor before you start ingesting any drug.

These are the most common medical problems and medications that can induce this problem in males. Keeping in mind all this you should take proper care of your health.

Virtual Data Room Provider- Only The Best Preferred

The era of artificial intelligence has finally come after much anticipation and this will prove to be a juggernaut in the world of science and technology. The year 2020 …

The era of artificial intelligence has finally come after much anticipation and this will
prove to be a juggernaut in the world of science and technology. The year 2020 has
brought renewed hope with it where the coming decade will bring along a box of
surprises about how machine will take over from humans and do everything on its

But we are only in the second month and have 10 full years to go to find out how this
will turn out to be so its futile to discuss about it now. Let us talk about data security
and an important topic related to it.

Data Relevance

Like it or not, it has been proven that machines are technically more advanced and
can perform such feats that are virtually impossible for manual labor and is believed
to be one factor that will give rise to artificial intelligence in the near future.

Virtual Data Room, or VDR, is one that secures data online and is stored and
distributed to various clients who seek to do research on it and make it available

The relevance of data is such that it is used in various industries like Information
Technology, Biotech, Banking Investment, Finance, Accounting, Energy, Business deals
and Telecom sector.

Data Room Provider

But that alone is not enough as you need to have a competent provider and there are
many in the market. So here are some of the best data providers that can be used for
the purpose:

1) Intralinks support email, phone calls and chats in a 24/7 process and are best
for medium and large scale business

2) Watchdox is perfect for small, medium and large scale business and is also
available 24/7

3) Ideals is supported by data experts and function for 365 days and are equally
comfortable for small and large scale business

Fortnite Beginners Guide: Structure Building

You must be recalling your days of childhood and reminiscing about the bygone days, which would naturally bring a feeling of nostalgia. There is nothing like a good game …

You must be recalling your days of childhood and reminiscing about the bygone days, which would naturally bring a feeling of nostalgia. There is nothing like a good game of cards to bring a certain respite from the workload in office.

When the topic is on games, ludo and snake & ladders are still considered the best for popular pastime and are played by one and all. Even video games are not far behind as they have a universal appeal amongst people of all age groups, be it super Mario, contra, claw, etc.

People are generally spoilt for choice as there are games of different genres and varieties that one article or even lifetime is not enough to explore all of them as it is nearly an impossible task.

The game that comes up today and is the favorite of many people is fortnite, one which requires both strategic skills and brainpower to sail through.

Starters Level

Whenever a new person starts off with fortnite, he has difficulty in coping up to the difficult path and falters after a few levels.

Therefore, we are going to talk about some important tips that will come in handy for newer players and help them perform better, be it in gathering sufficient codes or building new structures.

They are as follows:

  1. Given the game’s popularity, it is only natural that people would want to know about it. The first step is where you need to know about the options in the building as there are 4 structures like floor, ramp and roof in the shape of a pyramid
  2. Now, make a blueprint of the ramp rush to get to know the inner structure
  3. The fortnite accounts for sale, so never leave behind the essential commodities
  4. Learn on how to build a box that will provide shelter from attackers
  5. Apply technical skills to clear through on and practice hard

What makes Opportunistic Recruitment Important for Companies today

In the past, companies hired only to fill job vacancies. Companies would just write a list of requirements that the applicant had to fulfill and that would be the …

In the past, companies hired only to fill job vacancies. Companies would just write a list of requirements that the applicant had to fulfill and that would be the end of the story. This is even observed in the รับทำ mou พม่า กัมพูชา ลาว job listings too. 

After any given company finished detailing the specific qualities that a candidate was expected to meet for the job opening, the search for potential candidates would begin. 

John Sullivan, program director of human resources management at the University of San Francisco, describes the traditional system like this: “If I need a basketball player. Is it because Michael Jordan has decided to quit his job?” As noted by Professor Sullivan, with this method the chance of finding the best people for the job is slim. 

This type of method which focused on the position that was available at that moment, worked in a talent market because the supply was abundant, but in a tight market like today, companies must adopt a different strategy: they have to go hunting for talent and trap it even if they don;t have a specific opening for the talent. 

This is called opportunistic recruitment and it may seem a bit strange, but the authors Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones and Beth Axelrod found three ways to make it work. The first is to identify the type of position for which a talented candidate would be suitable until the right position is available for him or her. 

The second is to hire the candidate anyway, even if the specific position that you have in mind is not yet available. While you wait, the candidate can engage in special projects, and learn about the organization. 

Third, create or book entry points for people with experience. These individuals must remain in those positions for only a short time, approximately six to eighteen months, so that the posts are vacant for the next employees to be hired. 

General Electric is one of the companies that practices opportunistic recruitment. This corporation which is 50 times larger than Perkin-Elmer, is a leader in opportunistic recruitment. Today it hires more than one hundred people each year, scouting them from consulting companies, the military and other fields to place them in their “transient” destination such as business development or corporate audit position. 

Companies that regularly hire people for transitory positions experience a gain in reputation in the eyes of candidates. Applicants have more confidence to accept offers when they see other people who have followed this path carrying senior positions at the company. 

Various talents in one person is what companies want in a new employee, this has become the new way to look for the right prospect. Decades ago companies were looking for experienced candidates for a specific position and they didn’t need to look too far to find the right candidate but today the hiring game has changed. 

Back in the day, companies would attend the same business schools or businesses in similar industries to meet their needs and find the right people each year. Today, in the continuing war for talent it is not likely to find enough talented individuals in those few places anymore. 

Today companies have to look elsewhere. Companies are forced to hire people without the traditional background, but for many reasons this is better for them. To achieve this, each company must analyze by brainstorming all possible groups, networks and niches as new sources of talent. 

As a candidate that wants to be discovered, it is important to stay on top of your skills and develop new talents all the time. This will ensure that a position will open up for you even if it isn’t through the field you thought you were most suited for. More often people climb the corporate ladder in the most unconventional ways, so it is important to think outside the box and think unconventionally. 

Ten Good Reasons Not To Sell In eBay

Everyone talks about eBay. You can’t escape it as it envelops the Internet in its scope. To put it generally, eBay is an online store. You can buy a …

Everyone talks about eBay. You can’t escape it as it envelops the Internet in its scope. To put it generally, eBay is an online store. You can buy a wide variety of products here. On the other hand, you can also sell items that you want to get rid of. The sales forecast that you get on eBay is also not that good which is why you should try to get rid of all your old items someplace else. If you are not unable to do so then you can resort to eBay. In this article, you will learn about the disadvantages of using eBay as well. 

eBay was founded in 1995 and since then, it has found its place among the huge and popular “buy and sell” places of the world. People with small or large businesses from all around the globe conduct transactions with eBay, selling or buying varied items. It provides a trading platform for the globe, wherein every person can trade or buy what they want. If you are looking for a rare or collectible item that is deemed impossible to find, it is probably already on eBay.

Whether you are trading an old pair of jeans or world-class jewelry, eBay would probably be your first destination. With its reach to other parts of the world, its customers are not only regular Americans or citizens from neighboring countries. Its scope has extended to different parts of the globe as it is hosted on the Internet.

The disadvantages of selling on eBay

While there are people who have been happy transacting on eBay, there are also those who have not been satisfied. Each day you hear stories of people being duped on this online store either because they weren’t paid or they didn’t receive good quality products. Here are just some of the problems listed out so you can make an informed decision when it comes to transacting on eBay.

If you intend to sell a lot of items on eBay then you will need to sign up for an account. This, in turn, will mean that eBay will get a huge amount from what you have earned.

If you have a listing, you will need to pay for it right away. You will also need to figure out what the lowest amount of your bid should be. You should also be prepared to sell your listing, despite the fact that there is only one interested buyer. Further, you also need to settle extra charges for the images which you are going to display on your listings.

During eBay auctions, it is difficult to determine the actual amount that you will receive from what you are selling as the price can be indefinite.

The auctions that are conducted on eBay go on for a very long period of time. Thus there is no guarantee that you will receive your payment when you want it. You may end up waiting longer than anticipated for payment.

Not all things sell nicely on eBay and who knows when the prices for certain products will drop. There are only certain categories of items that sell well. If you are selling an item that does not fit into the ‘fast-moving’ goods section, then your product may not do well at all.

The most disappointing thing about selling on eBay is the fact that whether you have sold your product or not, eBay still gains as you need to pay them.

The seller is often forced to ensure a safe yet expensive shipment of the product to the buyer. If the buyer doesn’t receive the item or pretends not to receive it, the seller ends up with a bad review after having spent money on the shipping. Buyers often want the least price which does not cover transportation charges so the seller loses out in the long run.

If you choose to sell on eBay, you really trust who is buying from you. The matter can get even worse. Your competitors or vengeful buyers can register fake accounts, bid for your product and leave you a bad rating which could be disastrous for your business. You will not receive payment and will be left with negative publicity.

What if you face a problem? Who do you turn to? No one. eBay does not provide you with a customer service telephone number or a service desk from where you can get your problem sorted out. They only send you automated messages that are irrelevant to your concern.