Tig Welder: Reviewing The Best Welders In The Market

Abbreviated as TIG Welder, Tungsten Inert Gas Welder is one of the current Welding machines in the market. It is well known for providing holistic welding of both thin and thick material including minimal to no spatters in its finished product. But despite all these qualities, not many buyers know how to identify a good tig welder from a substandard one. Going through a number of tig welder reviews can help in sorting this out. Here are some of the best tig welders that you can purchase:

Best Tig Welders

  1. Miller Maxstar 150: Miller Maxstar 150 STL is a top notch welder with exceptional integrated line voltage compensation (LVC) to ensure power stability. With LVC, your machine is safe from damaging as a result of increase in voltage. The machine minimizes power use and including supporting inputvoltage ranging from115 – 230 volts.
  2. Everlast Power TIG 250: This is a new model that came to replace the Everlast Power TIG 180. Besides its increased welding capacity, the machine can do very accurate welding for steel, aluminium and carbon steel material. It has an additional pulse frequency that prevents mental warping and is instrumental in producing final cuts for aluminium sheets.
  3. Lincon Electric Precision TIG 255: Though light, the Lincon electric Precision TIG 255 is versatile. It produces one of the biggest if not the biggest welding ranging. You can use it for general fabrications , auto body work just to mention. Its novelty doesn’t end there as it has a digital meter, fan AC auto balance including other worthy features.
  4. AHP Alpha TIG 200DX: Is s quite affordable and has a powerful welding capacity of 200 amp AC/DC allowing user to enjoy a stable source of power supply to do all kinds of difficult welding.


Through looking at product reviews, you can get a tig welder that displays both superior quality and is tailor made for you.