Beverage Factory: Best Filters for Ice Maker

For restaurant ice makers, one of the most common, and in a sense, indispensable fixture has to be the water filter. As its name suggests, these water filters help to weed out all of the impurities that would reduce the quality and sanitary conditions of the ice. If you are looking for a store that provides heavy-duty, restaurant-use ice maker water filter for your Ice O-Matic Machines, then Beverage Factory is the company you ought to trust. For their Ice O-Matic, they have two types of Water Filtration Systems, specifically, the Single Filter, and the Double Filter. Let’s have a look at both of these.

Single Filter

This single filter offers three functions rolled into one filter, and these are sediment removal, taste and odor elimination, as well as scale protection. This is made possible due to the activated carbon that’s found in the filters, which helps to remove all impurities in the water which may contaminate the ice produced. It comes with scale protection as well, which is helps to prevent build-up of scales in the ice maker, which would help to make the quality of ice one which is more consistent. The one that Ice-O-Matic has could be mounted on the wall, and should be replaced on a 6-month basis.

Double Filter

If you want to enjoy your ice making product longer, of if you use it for your restaurant on a more frequent basis, then get this double filter that makes use of polypropolene 2-stage removal of sediments, as well as coconut shell carbon that is of the highest grade. This is one of the most complete and comprehensive filtering products you can get, and is able to operate for a much longer period of time. Replacement for these filters are also not as frequent.