All You Should Know About A League Of Legends Account

If you are looking to play one of the best multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) , then let me tell you about League of Legends. You form a team of three or five players with equal number of players on the opposite team and compete with them to destroy the enemy base called Nexus.

There are several reasons for League of Legends being one of the best games. It is totally free to play. It has one of the best community. Also the developers at Riot Games, the team behind developing League of Legends are responsive and try to solve every problem.

There are four different modes in which the game can be played.

  1. Normal

In normal mode, players with similar skill levels are matched together. This mode also allows playing with a custom team.

  1. Co-op Vs. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

In this mode a team of five bots plays with a team of five players randomly selected.

  1. Ranked

A player has to reach level 30, which is the highest level to be able to play this mode.  All the matches played in this mode are competitive.

  1. Custom

In custom mode a team from one to five players can be made. The properties of the matches can be set by the players and bots can be filled into the remaining positions.

A player earns Influence Points (IP) depending on many things like the game result and summoner level of his account. These points can be used to unlock champions and buy Runes. Runes can only be bought with IP and Riot Points can not be used to purchase it. With the help of Runes, a player can strengthen his champion’s defense, health and attack. Rune Pages can be purchased with Riot Points. Riot Points are an in-game currency that can only be purchased through real money and unlike IP it isn’t earned while playing the game. RP can be used to customize the champions and buy boosts. Boosts can be used to buy Experience and Influence Points. Experience increases the summoners level of your account.

There are many different tiers of a lol account. These are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master and Challenger. Challenger is the highest tier. This tier has the most skilled players. These tiers have five divisions I, II, III, IV and V. Master and Challenger tiers don’t have any divisions. A person’s account goes up in the tier based on Match Making Rating which is also called MMR. MMR calculation details are not available publicly and are known to only the developers of this game.

A normal game lasts from twenty to fifty minutes and can even last longer than an hour. Each player has a unique summoner name that they choose while registering their account. League of Legends is played by millions of unique users every month. LOL can be played through many ways, with friends, bots or online players. A new champion is released every three to four weeks.