logo_1The Italian phrase Piazza Grande directly translates to a “large square.” While its usual connotations point out a marketplace, an open public place or a veranda, we strategically picked this name to intend a pun.

Online, we aim to be an open area where people all over the world gather and learn things. We can also be a marketplace that provides information to the best products and services a virtual world can offer, or as a veranda – that area of the house rendering a cozy place to relax, which allows people to see what other things happen within the community, without leaving the comfort of our homes.

Lastly, we would like to be the “large square,” which may be initially confined and defined by its four corners. However, in reality, it is infinitely divisible to smaller geometrical shapes. In our sense as a general site, we are a blog with a capacity to contain myriads of information. Spell witticism – Piazza Grande.

Our team strives to redefine the world with quips. We aim to deliver both the trending and overlooked realities of life. We creatively convey information without going overboard with make-ups. Piazza Grande is your online source for the best content – realistic yet witty while remaining informative and timely.

Our team believes there are a million possibilities to anything. Impossible is impossible. Please join us as we play with words.

Welcome to Piazza Grande. We guarantee there’ll be less dull moments. Life is too short to be boring.